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Add Multiple Items

Use Add Multiple Files if you have multiple files in one directory to add. When using this function, you specify the directory and CONTENTdm adds all files from that directory to the project spreadsheet. All files are added, regardless of the file type.

Note: The recommended maximum number of items in a project is 10,000. To maintain acceptable upload times, no more than 10,000 items should be uploaded to the approval queue at any one time.

If you are adding files that have custom thumbnails, see Using Custom Thumbnails.

Tip: When adding items that have metadata in common, it is recommended that you consider setting and using metadata templates, before adding multiple items. Metadata templates enable you to replicate descriptive or administrative metadata.

To add data from another database, see Add Data from Another Database.

To add metadata without associated items, see Add Metadata Only.

To import multiple files with full resolution (archival quality) images, see Full Resolution Images.

To add multiple items from a directory:

  1. Navigate to the Home tab or Project tab.

  2. On the left task pane under Common Tasks, click Add Multiple Items. The Add Multiple Items wizard opens.

    Add Multiple Items Wizard

  3. Select Import from a directory.

    To import files using a tab-delimited text file, see Add Multiple Files with Tab-Delimited Text.

  4. Click Browse to select the directory containing the files you wish to import. Click OK and then click Next.

    Browse for Folder

  5. Select whether to generate display images. (For more information on working with full resolution files and display images, see Full Resolution Images.)

    If you want to change display image settings, click Image Options.

  6. Click Next. The Confirm Settings screen displays.

    Confirm Settings

    Review the settings and then click Add Items.

    A progress screen displays as the items are processed. When complete, a summary screen displays the summary and any errors or warnings.

    Summary Screen

  7. Click Close. The items are displayed in the project spreadsheet.

    Note: The original files remain in the current location. Copies are added to the project spreadsheet.

See Entering Metadata for more information on adding item metadata and establishing image copyright settings.

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